This is what people say about the great man. Most of them have ACTUALLY met him in real life

AngryTrav. A name that conjours up great joy and strength, yet vague memories of lost hours and deep political discussions whilst burning your tomorrows. A man that, when the storm comes, shelter seems scarce and the rain stings, will be stood next to you, running his hands through his beard, slapping you on the shoulder and laughing into the abyss. AngryTrav, a thinker and a fighter, never let that power shot connect with your head. AngryTrav, a man who's loyalty you will have to work for but, once gained, is as solid as English oak. He's bought food for me when I've been sick, he's listened to me when times have been heavy, he's stepped out with me to buy medical supplies when people were protesting for their rights, he's disagreed with me but still offered his hand, he's shown his emotions when life's brought the uphill, he's welcomed me into his family home, he's hiked mountains with me and shown his grit with a health dose of self deprication, he's always been there. No matter how hard the ground or how dark the way. AngryTrav, a fucking legend. - OK
Sir AngryTrav
So what can I say about this man and his chin, besides the fact we’ve all seen him smile only once a week, it does not mean he’s not a stand up man. In fact Sir AngryTrav is a bright star in our nights , I say night because we don’t get to see him much in the day because he busy taking all of our complaints and finding solutions for them. But when it’s time to “ have some fun”. I sure do love that laugh of his and his gnome smirk. Happy Birthday Sir AngryTrav stay young my friend and I’ll see you inside the day, maybe next year. - SL

To think is easy. To act is hard. But the hardest thing in the world is to live up to the standards of THE GREAT MAN. By seeking out and blundering, we can all strive to be more like the master himself. 


What does this blundering mean, you may ask yourself? When I look at THE GREAT MAN, I see a huecoed empedrado that will hopefully lead us one day to his throne of wisdom. May we all pass through an ocean of IPAs to lead us to this place where the sidewalk ends, at the side of a great friend.


My favourite memory of THE GREAT MAN is during lockdown. He was kind enough to let me have some drinks for my birthday at the empty, lock-downed SECRET LOCATION. OK would later join as we were semi-working and drinking. At 13.53 I reminded them both that we were dangerously close to the curfew and had a delivery of beers on the way. What a lovely man AngryTrav is he dropped OK off most of the way and true to his word went to drop off beers promised to one BJ. Panic began to set in as we were now out past curfew. After seeing a police barricade on 6 de diciembre THE GREAT MAN swerved into a side street and we arrived to our destination. He politely asked if I would mind walking to my apartment (me having no legal right to ride in the car) to which I said no problem. After deciding to stay at BJs house (a wise decision given; I had left my keys at SECRET LOCATION, there were some sketchy looking gentlemen on a street corner and I was planning to walk back with a crate of 24 beers past a police station).

An hour later while supping on a cold beer in the sun BJ received a phone call. He thought it was THE GREAT MAN asking how the beers were. I knew immediately why he was calling. He asked for me to be put on the phone. ‘JD. I just have one question. Did you leave the backdoor in Sabai open?’ AngryTrav queried. ‘Yes’ I responded dejectedly to which he replied ‘Okay’.

THE GREAT MAN would let tell us at my zoom birthday party how he had told two police officer his bar had been broken into, getting a police escort all the way back to SECRET LOCATION. He ordered the officers to wait outside while he ‘investigated’.  After confirming one of the ‘idiot kids’ had left the door open, he would then fish out two packs of four beers from the fridge. ‘Oh that was nice of you, you gave the police officers some beers’. ‘No’ he remarked, ‘they were for me’. After a big swig of whiskey, he ended by saying, ‘and you know what, today was a better day than yesterday. Yesterday I had to deal with the army!’ - JD

AngryTrav is probably one of the scariest and patient people I have ever met. He always asks me if I want to box with him (the sport that has punching in it) but even if I say no he punches me anyway because that is his way of showing love. 


Despite his tough, bearded exterior, AngryTrav is a really good bloke and I am proud to call him my friend. He really does have a heart of gold and that's why we made a real-life internet page for him so EVERYONE IN THE WORLD knows about it.


Actually I really love him a lot. I CRIED WRITING THIS. Thanks for everything, you are a GREAT MAN. - TM

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